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Operating voltage 


Communication type 

Modbus TCP

Input Channels 


Input type

Discreet dry contact

Output Channels


Output Type 

Relay, Isolated output

Maximum Output 

Current 1A per channel 0-240v AC/DC

Status Indicators 


OFF to ON, ON to OFF Response 

5ms + 1/2 cycle

Operating temperature 

-17°-50°C (0°-120°F)

Storage Temperature

-20° to 70°C (-4° to 158°F)


5 to 95% (non-condensing)

Environmental Air

No corrosive gases permitted

PCB protection 

Conformal coating 

Enclosure Type 

Open Equipment

Connector Type for Power

2-Position Removable Terminal Block


8” X 3” X 2”

Ethernet Port 10/100 base




The digital boards can communicate and send data to any device via open protocol. Modbus TCP examples are PLC’s EDGE devices Industrial, PCs, HMI, Routers/firewalls, and more. A total of 16 channels can be used with any dry contact switch, flow switch, safety switches, limit switches, pressure switch, water meter, and any 5vdc output with the same ground.

Also, the board has an additional 8 relay isolated outputs with 6 normally open contacts and two normally open and closed contacts. Board has 6 board supports that make it easy to mount virtually in any position. With an additional layer of protection for the board, reliability, board has a clear protective coating to keep moisture and dust away from the board in a harsh environment.  

100% all input/output connection is made thru removable terminal blocks, making it easy to service and replacing of the board with a board with more or less I/O

Contact for volume pricing 

Ethernet Digital board

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